Johnnie Fox's Pub - A Living Museum

The pub has featured prominently in the historic and social evolution of Ireland and the success enjoyed today is partially down to the commitment of Johnnie Fox’s to preserve the relics of Ireland’s proud history that maintains its nostalgic originality. Johnnie Fox’s is a living museum with every corner and wall space covered with antiques and Irish history.


1798 was a historic year in Ireland. The year of the United Irishmen, the Wexford rising, the year that saw the French landing in Killala and the year that Johnnie Fox’s Pub was founded, the crafty pub well hidden in the Dublin Mountains becoming a “safe haven”.


The area of Glencullen is steeped in history with "The Colonel's House", listed as a hideaway for Michael Collins in the history books, with monoliths galore and even a "Giant's Grave" on the scenic walks around the area.


The famous Daniel O'Connell (the great Irish Liberator) was a regular patron of Johnnie Fox's when he lived here in Glencullen. In 1823 Daniel O'Connell gave his blessing to one Christy Fitzsimons to marry his daughter, and the family have lived through generations in Glencullen to this day. In the early 1950's programmes of Irish music and story telling were recorded for radio on Sunday nights in Johnnie Fox's and broadcast to the nation from this elevated site.


In the 1960's Johnnie Fox's Pub was famous for the session - An Séisiún - travelling musicians would gather to play and trade songs with local people - a tradition which prevails to this present day with the music and song still emanating from the famous location, song and banter always vibrating through the air.


Johnnie Fox's Pub was originally a small holding farm, the pub of today holds many aspects of the farm with a dining area named "The Pig House” and also one can still see where the animals were housed in "The Haggart" area with it's small private rooms set off to the sides surrounding the court yard area. In those day’s a person would "arrange" to meet at Johnnie Fox's and sit and talk around the fire, exchange tales and news and current affairs and sip a pint or three in the process. Not much has changed, we are just a little busier now with a few more staff than family members serving our guests, but our principles remain the same… great food, lots to drink and the very best of traditional Irish entertainment.

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